Common Multimedia Use Mistakes

Multimedia tools provide an incredibly powerful way to make your organization successful. However, like most everything, the fine details of how multimedia is used makes a significant difference in how effective it is. Donít waste you time and money on details that wonít bring you results.

No Clear Goals

If you donít start with clear goals, you shouldnít start making multimedia. The creative process of media production can be easily sidetracked unless you have a team that not only has clear objectives to focus on but also has leadership that knows how to steer the process to address those goals.

Wrong Point of View

Make not mistake, people care about getting their own needs met first. They donít care bout your point of view or your goals unless they match their own. Despite this, most multimedia production is more about the vanity of the people paying the bills than about the needs or the end viewer.

Only One Point of View

Why would you convey something one way, when you could do it three ways in the same span of time? Common wisdom suggests that you should reinforce your main idea at least three times in public speaking. Fortunately, when using multimedia you can use a variety of methods to approach the same idea, rather than just relying on one voice.

Eye Candy & Distractions

Few multimedia project teams can resist the temptation to fill their projects with flashy graphics and fancy sound tracks. When these frilly attributes distract the audience (aka your customer) from you achieving your goals, they are a foolish investment of time and money.

Mismatched Medium & Content

Alexander Graham Bell wanted to use the telephone to broadcast live concerts when radio already did this and the first TV ads we extremely similar to radio ads, this is a symptom of strategic myopia. Each form of media has its own strengths and weaknesses. Donít use any media team that cannot prove the ability to select and match different forms of media to meet your ........

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